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blog — September 18

Back in Print: Gary Indiana's HORSE CRAZY and GONE TOMORROW

Gary Indiana’s legendary novels HORSE CRAZY and GONE TOMORROW are finally back in print. Out September 18th, these long-awaited editions feature new introductions from Tobi Haslett and Sarah Nicole Prickett.

"[Horse Crazy] is a wonderful book. It really is a wonderful, beautiful, funny, breathtaking book. If it isn’t, then I don’t care for books that are." —Keith Ridgway

"[Horse Crazy] is what Love in the Time of Cholera is like for real." —Angela Carter

"Unlike the majority of pointedly AIDS-era novels, Gone Tomorrow is neither an amoral nostalgia fest nor a thinly veiled wake-up call hyping the religion of sobriety. It’s a philosophical work devised by a writer who’s both too intelligent to buy into the notion that a successful future requires the compromise of collective decision and too moral to accept bitterness as the consequence of an adventurous life." —Dennis Cooper

A muffling fog had settled over downtown Newport. The garish neon blaze of Monmouth Street’s strip was smeared and softened in the haze.