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Works of Radical Imagination

Works of Radical Imagination

The Best of Annie Ernaux

Maybe the true purpose of my life is for my body, my sensations and my thoughts to become writing, in other words, something intelligible and universal, causing my existence to merge into the lives and heads of other people.” ― Annie Ernaux, Happening

blog — March 01

Celebrate Women's History Month

Women's History Month can trace its beginnings back to the first International Working Women's Day in 1909. Before it's revival by feminist activists in the 1970's — and the UN's subsequent ratification in 1977 — International Women's Day's first appeared in 1908, when 15,000 women working in the garment industry went on strike in New York City to demand better working conditions. The following year, the Socialist Party of America declared the first International Working Women's Day. 

To celebrate these radical roots, we're delighted to share the following works of literary fiction, memoir, political non-fiction, and other writings that we recommend for Women's History Month, and for the rest of the year, too.


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