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Within our academic catalog, you'll find educators' testimonials about Seven Stories books, a letter of welcome from our academic marketing team, and all the info you could want about every SSP title that's ever been published.

Free Teaching Guides, Lesson Plans, & Other Resources

Eiffel's Tower for Young People Teaching Guide

Ink Knows No Borders Teaching Guide

Martha and the Slave Catchers Teaching Guide 

A Young People's History of the United States Lesson Plan

Trevor Lesson Plan [On the Subject of Bullying]

1493 for Young People: From Columbus's Voyage to Globalization

A Different Mirror for Young People Teaching Guide

Meme Wars: A Student Guide

What Makes a Baby: A Guide for Adult Readers

A Road Map to Howard Zinn's Writings Published by Seven Stories Press

Exam & Desk Copies, Syllabi

We’re always happy to provide free desk and exam copies, and are interested to hear about your experiences bringing them into the classroom.

Please send requests via email to academic@sevenstories.com or fax to (212) 226-1411 on official school letterhead. Include your name, institution, physical address, email address or phone number, as well as both the name and expected enrollment of the course for which you are considering the book. Requests for desk and exam copies are usually fulfilled the day we receive them.

Send us a sample syllabus that uses a Seven Stories book, and we'll send you a complimentary copy of any other title from our list.


For select bulk orders and discounts outside of the retail book trade (e.g. organizations, activists, special sales), contact sevenstories@sevenstories.com or call (212) 226-8760.