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Works of Radical Imagination


Translated by Jessica Sequeira

Called a "masterpiece" and the author a "genius," this English-language debut of one of Argentina’s best writers is the story of a family of artists, scientists, and politicians who are responsible for the great cultural and political advancements of modernity, yet remain mysteriously unknown.

This monumental novel tells the story of the Deliuskin family’s secret interventions in music, mysticism and revolutionary thought over the course of three centuries, spanning six generations. Each figure engages in obsessive and absurd acts, which—depending on who controls the narrative— could be genius or madness, so often indistinguishable. Countless minor characters also appear, intersecting with these stories in a suggestion of infinite parallel narratives.

The title predestines this philosophical, political, historical, literary, sentimental, erotic, religious, scientific and artistic book to evocative incompleteness. To attempt perfection is a joyful act of throwing oneself into the world, the task at hand is not to capture life but create, in and through words. Poised on the edge of something between reality and its negation, Daniel Guebel's The Absolute is an undeniable masterpiece even as it questions if the novel is a failed project.


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“Guebel writes from that crystal frontier where creativity meets madness, where imagination meets delirium. His cast of eccentrics often remind us of Borges' characters, but of a Borges gone wild.”

Daniel Guebel has published over twenty-five books, including novels, short stories, and plays. His novel The Emperor’s Pearl won the Emecé Prize, and The Absolute was chosen as book of the year by La Nación newspaper. He won the prize for best novel of the last three years, awarded by the Argentine Academy of Letters, as well as Argentina’s National Prize for Literature. His autobiographical book The Jewish Son also won the award for literary criticism at the Buenos Aires Book Fair. His latest novel is A Japanese Crime. A lover of Japanese literature, he is the owner of a sushi restaurant.