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Witty and ambitious, No-Signal Area is a sprawling novel, smart and just cynical enough to frame and give an edge to the abiding nostalgia that is its real subject. A group of entrepreneurs brings roaring back to life a defunct turbine factory and the town around it, promising a return to the days of dignity, jobs and the good life and bright future that a manufacturing center can dispense to a small town. But is a return to the days of plenty possible? And what of the changed relationships between lovers, and within families, that have transpired in the years since that earlier time? Perišić takes us there, into the past and into the future, and watches with a bemused sad smile as the inevitable wreaks havoc with the possible. Robert Perišić's second novel to be translated into English is a cause for delight.


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“Robert Perišić is a light bright with intelligence and twinkling with irony, flashing us the news that postwar Croatia not only endures but matters.”

“In No-Signal Area Perišić brilliantly captures the absurdity and chaos of a society in transition. A poetic punk ethos saturates the book--defiant, anarchic, exuberant, and ironic—perfect for a story about hustlers and workers and dreamers and mercenaries in post-war, post-truth Croatia.”

Robert Perišić has published award-winning nonfiction, fiction, poetry and criticism in his native Croatia. He began writing short stories in the 1990s with a clear anti-war sentiment, during the days following the devastating war that tore apart the former Yugoslavia, and is now considered to be one of the most important writers and literary critics in the region. When first published in 2008, Our Man in Iraq spent eight weeks at the top of Croatia's bestseller list and won the prestigious Jutarnji List award. He currently lives in Zagreb.