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Full Spectrum Resistance, Volume 2

Actions and Strategies for Change

by Aric McBay


Don't miss the companion volume to this book, Full Spectrum Resistance, Volume 1: Building Movements and Fighting to Win.

A guide to direct action for those disillusioned with the posturing of liberal “activism.”

The radical left is losing, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here is the radical’s guide to activist work—the manual we need at this crucial moment to organize for universal human rights, a habitable earth, and a more egalitarian society.

Thoroughly exploring the achievements and failures of radical movements throughout history—from 19th-century anti-colonial rebellions in China and the environmental actions of First Nations and Native American tribes throughout the 20th century, to Black Lives Matter and the fight for Gay Liberation—the two volumes of Full Spectrum Resistance candidly advocate for direct action, not just risk-averse models of protest marches and call-ins. With in-depth histories and case studies of social justice and environmental movements, noted writer, activist, and farmer Aric McBay explains why passive resistance alone cannot work, and how we must be prepared to do whatever it takes to create substantial social change.

In Volume 2: Actions and Strategies for Change, McBay uses the successful strategies of various actions, such as the Greek Resisters of the 2008 Greek Television Takeover, to articulate the best practices for inter-activist coordination and communication with mass media to effectively spread message. Covering reconnaissance methods and other forms of intelligence-gathering, Volume 2 guides the reader in smart decision-making and damage control, such as how to recover from both covert and overt adversarial attacks, such as COINTELPRO (1971). Moreover, this manual clearly articulates the best strategies and practices for the financial, logistical, and tactical organization necessary to all successful radical movements in the long term.


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“McBay's message of activism and community building is one that should inspire all people concerned about the future of this planet to, in his words: 'fight together for a future worth living in.'”

“For anyone who understands the urgency of the catastrophe we’re facing and is in search of an antidote to despair or resignation, McBay provides a lantern that will cut through the blunt blear and gritty exhaust all around, and offers this sizzling invitation to unleash your most radical imagination, to dive into the wreckage, and to risk winning a humane future.”

“Aric McBay's Full Spectrum Resistance, Volumes One & Two are must reads for those wanting to know more about social movement theory, strategies and tactics for social change, and the history and politics of activism and community organizing. There is nothing within the realm of social justice literature that is close to the breath about modern social movements than these books. These are engaging, critical, exciting and outstanding intersectional books that respectfully speak about the pitfalls and successes for social change.”

“A firm believer in the idea that you can't forge the future unless you understand how we got to the present, Aric gives us the backstory on so many exciting and inspiring social movements and struggles around the world that I had never heard of, and provides really important insight into some of the more familiar ones.”

“McBay has filled these volumes with illustrious examples from across the globe of resistance. Full of meaningful, personal reflections and thoughtful analysis to avoid many pitfalls holding back modern social/political movements, Full Spectrum Resistance offers strategies and tools to carry activists forward toward deeper changes in the world.”

“Aric McBay has written a remarkable book that will forever change the way you understand political resistance. We are accustomed to protests that offer a fun playbook of marches, banners, chants, and so on. But McBay is seriously committed to revolutionary transformation and he is not satisfied to examine only those protests that conform comfortably to the usual catechism of non-violence. Nor does he adopt the sociological preoccupations with the social factors that shape the collective effort. Instead, his unwavering focus is on strategies that win.”

“Drawing from both years of personal experience in social movements as well as important lessons from history, Full Spectrum Resistance is chock-full of examples of resistance movements using a diversity of tactics to fight and win. Presented from an anti-capitalist and anti-colonial perspective, this book is a manual on how to organize effective resistance movements.”

“In this historical moment, a strategic manual for the Left that is based on radical anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist principles seems quite useful. McBay’s clearly written book is one tract that serves that exact purpose. . . It is clear from the text that McBay has not just been involved in various activist organizations and protests, he has experienced many of the situations he comments on. From interpersonal relations within groups to relationships between groups with different politics and approaches, this book does a decent job of covering them all.”


Aric McBay is an organizer, a farmer, and author of four books. He writes and speaks about effective social movements, and has organized campaigns around prison justice, Indigenous solidarity, pipelines, unionization, and other causes. You can find his work at