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My Turn

Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency

by Doug Henwood

Book cover for My Turn
Book cover for My TurnBook cover for My Turn

Hillary Clinton is running for the presidency with a message of hope and change. But, as Doug Henwood makes clear in this concise, devastating indictment, little trust can be placed in her campaign promises. Rigorously reviewing her record, My Turn shows how Clinton's positions on key issues have always blown with the breeze of expediency, though generally around an axis of moralism and hawkishness. Without a meaningful program other than a broad fealty to the status quo, Henwood suggests, "the case for Hillary boils down to this: she has experience, she's a woman, and it's her turn."

Book cover for My Turn
Book cover for My TurnBook cover for My Turn

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“Henwood's wry, literary writing style makes this a satisfying and persuasive piece of obliterative prose.”

“A solid and Persuasive guide to what has been characterized as shady or shabby or unprincipled in Clinton's political career.”

Doug Henwood

DOUG HENWOOD is a Brooklyn-based journalist and broadcaster who specializes in economics and politics. His work has appeared in Harper's, The Nation (where he is a contributing editor), Jacobin, BookForum, and Grand Street. His books include Wall Street: How It Works and For Whom, After the New Economy, and My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency. He is the host of Behind the News, a weekly radio show, that originates on KPFA (Berkeley), is syndicated to other stations across the country, and enjoys a worldwide listenership on the web.