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Introduction by Ralph Nader

In this groundbreaking pamphlet, directors of Ralph Nader's Public Citizen group examine the World Trade Organization's five-year track record, demonstrating how the WTO aims to create a new global economic system that increases corporate profit with little regard for social and ecological impacts, or democratically enacted law. Wallach and Sforza make clear recommendations for altering the undemocratic course that the WTO imposes on democratic society.


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Director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch since 1995, Lori Wallach has been dubbed "Ralph Nader with a sense of humor" by the Wall Street Journal and "the trade debate’s guerrilla warrior" by the National Journal. An expert at NAFTA, the WTO, and the Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority, she is a cofounder of the Citizen’s Trade Campaign, a national coalition representing over 11 million Americans.

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