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Subversive and incendiary, this full-color poster book reworks classic war propaganda to comment on corporate corruption, domestic spying, election fraud, gay marriage, blind patriotism, the War on Terror, and surveillance in America today.

With laughs and jeers, Wright’s distinctive artwork and astute political commentary offers timely and clever insight into the state of post-9/11 America. Surveillance Means Security! is the hilarious follow-up to Wright's previous books of reworked propaganda posters, You Back The Attack! We'll Bomb Who We Want!, and If You're Not A Terrorist … Then Stop Asking Questions.


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“Wright's method is ingeniously simple … The result is posters that force a double take: Images that we are used to associating with old-style patriotism become a vehicle for messages that are ironic, edgy, critical—and consistently engaging.”


Micah Ian Wright is an artist whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Sunday Guardian (UK), the Washington Post, the Progressive, the Christian Science Monitor, the Boston Globe, and on the Fox News Channel.