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Natural Pet Care

How to Improve Your Animal's Quality of Life

by Gary Null

Book cover for Natural Pet Care
Book cover for Natural Pet Care

Right now, there are more pets in America than there are people, and many count their pets among the most beloved members of their family. However, a surprising number of pet owners are not aware that the lifestyle they provide their companions may not be a healthy one. Gary Null has helped countless Americans improve their diets and their health with his natural approach to healthy living and scepticism of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Now, with Natural Pet Care he carefully, compassionately lays out the ways we can improve our pets' health and lives. Natural Pet Care includes "Animals on the Move," which explains the importance of proper exercise, "Everybody in the Tub!" which covers natural bathing and grooming products and techniques, "The Impetuous Pet," which helps in understanding your animal's behavior, and appendices for those seeking holistic veterinary care, pet friendly lodgings, and animal friendly organizations.

Natural Pet Care also provides sources for natural pet foods and products, while scrutinizing the pet food industry. He describes, for instance, that almost any dog owner would be horrified to learn what really goes into most commercial dog foods—even some of the more expensive brands—including slaughterhouse throwaways and diseased animal parts. As an alternative, Null offers "The Tao of Chow," in which he recommends countless natural alternatives that can easily be made at home—recipes included—and which can prolong and improve your pet's life. With this book on your reference shelf, you and your spectacular pet will be ready to tackle anything naturally!

Natural Pet Care deals extensively with the health of dogs and cats, but also is devoted to other common pets, including birds, rabbits, ferrets, fish, horses, rodents, and snakes. Long overdue, Gary Null's Natural Pet Care will help pet owners provide their furry, feathered, and scaled companions with the healthy lifestyle they need and deserve.

Book cover for Natural Pet Care
Book cover for Natural Pet Care

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“As more and more people are exploring alternative methods of healing, it's great to have such an in-depth resource to make the most informed choices about your pet's health.”

“It's wonderful to see how Gary Null, a great educator, eloquently delivers a truly natural approach to our beloved companions' healthcare.”

“I am convinced that the quality of life of millions of animals around the world will be greatly enhanced now that they have Gary Null in their corner.”

Gary Null

Gary Null, PhD, is one of America’s leading health and fitness writers and alternative practitioners. Trained as a nutritionist, he is the author of dozens of books and hundreds of medical articles. His one-hour health radio program airs daily on WBAI in New York City and globally as a podcast. Null is a former faculty member of the New School for Social Research. Among his many bestselling books are Get Healthy Now! and, with Barbara Seaman, For Women Only!. He lives in New York City and Naples, Florida.

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