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Book cover for Camp Jeff
Book cover for Camp Jeff

An old New York Catskills hotel is converted into a Reeducation center for star #MeToo offenders in a story full of cunning and craft, double meanings and doppelgangers.

A finalist for the Jewish National Book Award strikes again with another brilliant satire — a treat for readers of Philip Roth, Dara Horn, Nathan Englander, and others.

Somewhere in the Catskills there’s a camp called Camp Jeff. The place is named for Jeffrey Epstein, not that Jeffrey Epstein, this is the good Jeffrey Epstein, a benefactor who wants his name on the building, though the bad one’s not entirely irrelevant to this story. Tova Reich’s newest novel, on the heels of her award-winning Mother India is a raucous and biting tale of a reeducation camp for alleged sex offenders. Reich’s verbal blade is sharp and she slashes with it, but not without the sensitivity that such incisiveness requires. Camp Jeff is a work in Reich’s signature satirical mode, an unhindered indictment of both #MeToo and therapeutic culture, and at the same time is also a deeply considered work of psychological portraiture and an examination of love, faith, and affection in American culture.

Book cover for Camp Jeff
Book cover for Camp Jeff

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Tova Reich

TOVA REICH's most recent novel, Mother India (2018), was longlisted for the South Asia Literature Prize and a finalist for the National Jewish Book Award.  Other novels include MaraMaster of the ReturnThe Jewish WarMy Holocaust, and One Hundred Philistine Foreskins.  Her stories have appeared in the Atlantic, Harper’s, Ploughshares, and elsewhere. She is the recipient of the National Magazine Award for Fiction, the Edward Wallant Book Award, and other prizes. She lives on the fringe of Washington, DC.