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Book cover for Human Rights
Book cover for Human Rights

An essential, definitive visual guide and history to the variety of human rights and protections — great for activists, rights defenders, and young readers who love visual learning.

Wth timelines, easy-to-follow graphics and bite-sized bits of info, this book explains it all from workers' rights to the right to a clean environment, and the people who fought to protect those rights.

All people deserve to be respected and valued. Regardless of where we were born, how much we have, what we believe or think, or our age or the color of our skin — all lives are important and we deserve to live them with satisfaction, justice, safety, and freedom.

There are many different kinds of human rights and many people who have fought to establish and protect those rights. Here you can learn about rights for indigenous, workers, children, and lgbtq+ people, the right to go to school and have a home, the right to think a certain way and practice the religion of your choice–rights we may not even realize weren't always protected.

  • Did you know that the right to be a child — to go to school and not have to work or be married off — had to be fought for and made law?   
  • Did you know that in some countries the right to live in a safe home with water and electricity is not guaranteed?
  • Did you know that at one time in America, Indigenous people were not allowed to speak their native languages?

Human Rights is an oversized, graphically vibrant book with timelines, short and easy-to-understand explanations, important people who fought for changes in human rights law, and a chapter on protecting future rights. It's an essential visual reference that explains all there is to know about our human rights and the laws and doctrines that protect them.

Book cover for Human Rights
Book cover for Human Rights

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