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Book cover for Always Alwaysland
Book cover for Always Alwaysland

A new collection from the great American poet in his 96th year.

Yea, though he walks through a certain valley, Stanley Moss has written Always Alwaysland in his 94th, 95th, and 96th years, a book of songs, devotion, beautiful, painful, useful truths, some work songs, spirituals, grand opera, hymns, chants to God and no God. After all, heartbeat is just versification. He stands alone among American poets. (In one poem that is political, Christ comes back to Earth, is lynched for singing Amazing Grace outside a white church). Read this book, take a chance, change your life for the better for the hell of it.

Book cover for Always Alwaysland
Book cover for Always Alwaysland

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“In Always Alwaysland it seems each poem has been searching for a master architect and wordsmith with deep feeling and practice to say it right. The profound and mischievous topics seem to be saying to a foreboding modern reality that Stanley Moss, a mature poet who dares to get the questions and the answers right, that the masterplan engages only true feeling in a state of playful wisdom.”

Stanley Moss

Born in New York City, Stanley Moss was educated at Trinity College and Yale University. He has been writing poetry for over a half-century. In addition, Moss is a private art dealer specializing in Italian and Spanish old masters, as well as the publisher and editor of The Sheep Meadow Press, a non-profit publishing house devoted to poetry. Moss lives in Clintondale and River Corners, New York.