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Works of Radical Imagination


Edited by Juana Ponce de León and Esteban Ríos Rivera

Introduction by Sonia Rivera-Valdés

The third book in our award-winning series of contemporary fiction anthologies, Dream With No Name presents some of the best short fiction coming out of Cuba. In "The Great Baro," the saddest man in the world presides over a nation of clowns. "An Unexpected Interlude Between Two Characters" recounts a sexual encounter between two young women at a run-down movie theater. In all the stories collected here, readers will discover Cuba's strong storytelling tradition as well as its diverse cultural legacies.


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Dream with No Name is a beautiful bridge across those ninety miles of separation that some would have us believe is wider than all the oceans combined.”


Juana Ponce de León has written extensively on Latin American and Hispanic literature for the New York Times Book Review, the Washington Post, Bookworld, Latina, and , among others.