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Colón y otros caníbales

La enfermedad de explotación wétiko: Imperialismo y terrorismo

by Jack Forbes


translated by AMADO LASCAR


Jack Forbes’s seminal 1978 text on Native American studies, now available for the first time in a Spanish translation. 

La obra influyente de Jack Forbes sobre los estudios nativos americanos, ahora disponible por primera vez en una traducción español. 

American Indian educator and political philosopher Jack Forbes’s Columbus and Other Cannibals was one of the founding texts of the anti-civilization movement when it was first published in 1978. His history of terrorism, genocide, and ecocide told from a Native American point of view continues to inspire America’s activists. Now available for the first time in a Spanish translation, this radical critique of the modern “civilized” lifestyle is more vital than ever before. 

El libro del pensador nativo americano Jack Forbes, Colón y otros caníbales, era uno de los textos fundamentales del movimiento anticivilización cuando fue publicado por primera vez en 1978. Su historia del terrorismo, el genocidio y el ecocidio contaba de un punto de vista nativo americano ha continuado a inspirar los activistas más influyentes por décadas. Ahora disponible por primera vez en una traducción español, esta crítica radical del estilo de vida moderno y “civilizado” es más vital que antes.



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“Writing from a Native American perspective, Forbes maintains a steady and humble tone throughout the text... It's the kind of history one doesn't need to read twice to absorb it... I think it's crucial that people read books like this.”

Cannibals is a work of philosophy and ideas... a welcome addition to the library of a new generation of scholars and activists who are seeking a philosophical framework for their work in indigenous studies.”


Jack D. Forbes (1934–2011) was Professor Emeritus and Chair of Native American Studies at the University of California at Davis. Of Powhatan-Renápe, Delaware-Lenápe, and non-Indian background, he founded the Native American Movement in 1961 and started Native American studies programs across the country. An acclaimed lecturer and activist, Forbes is the author of over a dozen books, including Apache Navajo and Spaniard.