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November 07

We sat down with Ivana Bodrožic, author of The Hotel Tito, to discuss why there is no such thing as "displaced children," subconscious literary influences, and her next book from Seven Stories, a political thriller called Pits that will arrive in 2020. Pardon the shakiness of the footage and the vertical video—we're working on our cinematography skills!

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October 26

The Mental Load: A Feminist Comic was published this week, from highly popular French cartoonist Emma. Her  posts about the mental load women bear, in the workplace and at home, became a sensation in her native France, and now they're available for the first time in English. Check out some excerpts after the jump!

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October 23

An original poem from literary master Barry Gifford, on the occasion of his birthday. Check it out!

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October 02

You may have heard of the Epic of Gilgamesh, but have heard of the graphic novel of the Epic of Gilgamesh? And did you know that it's actually the most up-to-date English version of the ancient text, based on new translations from a recently discovered tablet? If you didn't, now you do! And here in "The Making of the Dixon Gilgamesh" you can learn even more. Kent H. Dixon, one half of the father-son team behind this ingenious work, talks about taking courses in Akkadian by mail, becoming a "monster of memory," and the prudery of an esteemed old translator who couldn't bear to render sex scenes in anything but Latin. Enjoy! 

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September 24

At Seven Stories and at our children’s imprint, Triangle Square, we believe in talking *up* to young readers, not down to them. That’s why you’ll always find works on our children’s list that both challenge and inspire. 

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