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May 01

Lucy and Albert Parsons are among history's exceptional couples, brave enough to marry across racial lines shortly after the Civil War, totally committed to social reform. Haymarket is their story, from their peniless arrival in Chicago to their growing involvement with a colorful group of "co-conspirators"—immigrants, radical intellectuals, unionist, journalists, and revolutionaries.

The following excerpt is comprised of a letter sent from Lucy to Albert, and his response, after the infamous Haymarket Trial has taken place. You can grab a copy of Haymarket  from our site for 50% off hardcover or ebook editions through May 3, 5PM EST.

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May 09
Last night, Jews Queers Germans author Martin Duberman spoke with the brilliant Masha Gessen, author of The Brothers, among others. Check out a few choice pics below! Images courtesy of Public Impact Media. You can buy a copy of Jews Queers Germans at 25% off here and check out Gessen's twitter for all her latest work here.

Public Impact Media
March 06
March 6th marks the publication day of Martin Dubmernam’s extraordinary Novel/History Jews Queers Germans.

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November 21

Our 2016–2017 academic catalog is here. Download the pdf, and send us an email at for any questions, comments, or desk or examination copy requests! The catalog's introductory letter to educators can be found below.

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