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September 18

Gary Indiana’s legendary novels HORSE CRAZY and GONE TOMORROW are finally back in print.

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September 07

To usher in back-to-school season, we've put up a free e-book of Robert Graves's witty, unorthodox writing handbook The Reader Over Your Shoulder. The promotion lasts through September 11, 5PM EST.

Here on the blog, you can find an excerpt from the first chapter, "The Peculiar Qualities of English." Scholarly and thorough, but never pedantic or doctrinaire, the piece demonstrates why grammar maven Patricia T. O'Conner would call The Reader Over Your Shoulder "the best book on writing ever published."

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August 15
August 10

Vietnam has chosen August 10—the day that the US began spraying Agent Orange on Vietnam—as Agent Orange Day, to commemorate all its citizens who were affected by the deadly chemical. In their honor, here is an excerpt from Fred Wilcox's Waiting for an Army to Die, the first major account the terrible effects of Agent Orange.

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August 02

A week-long sale and a note from our publisher on a new bookseller initiative. Check out seven award-winning titles from our Women in Translation series, all at 35% off through August 8th. Free shipping within the U.S.!

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