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Chris Hedges Presents THE GREATEST EVIL IS WAR at Banyen Books

November25 at in ,

Join Pulitzer-prize-winning author Chris Hedges for a special Banyen event on his new book, The Greatest Evil is War.

The Greatest Evil is War is an unflinching indictment of the horror and obscenity of war by one of our finest war correspondents. Drawn from experience and interviews, this book looks at the hidden costs of war, and what it does to individuals, families, communities and nations. In 2002 he published War Is a Force that Gives Us Meaning, which The New York Times called “a brilliant, thoughtful, timely, and unsettling book.” In the twenty years since, Hedges has not wanted to write another book on the subject of war—until now, with the outbreak of war in Ukraine. It is important again to be reminded who are the victors of the spoils of war and of other unerring truths, not only in this war but in all modern wars, where civilians are always the main victims, and the tools and methods of war are capable of so much destruction it boggles the mind.

November25, 11.00am