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October 18

The Price of the Ticket

by Kia Corthron

Originally published in the July/August 2016 issue of The Dramatist

Three years ago I was standing in the lobby of a theater, the typical Broadway cluster-mob awaiting entrance, with more than half the horde African-American. This would be logical, as the show was the musical revue After Midnight, a refurbishing of a prior concert piece entitled Cotton Club Parade celebrating Ellington-era jazz and dance. Inside, my sister and I were led to our orchestra seats, and I looked around: not another black face in sight. It took me a moment to realize that The Mystery of the Vanishing Black Folks likely would have been quickly resolved had we moved up to the balconies. But from where I sat, observing the complexion of the performers versus that of the onlookers, it was the Cotton Club, the Colors entertaining the Caucasians, and that the upper tiers may have been filled with black faces was not exactly comforting, an economically induced throwback to Jim Crow segregation with African Americans relegated to the peanut gallery.

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October 13

And he was told but these few words
Which opened up his heart:
If you cannot bring good news, then don't bring any.

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October 12
To celebrate the launch of our new site, we're offering 50% off some of Seven Stories greatest hits

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October 11

In recent weeks, we've seen two amazing documentaries I want you all to know about.

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October 06

Twenty-eight states are participating in the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program this election season, a program supposedly designed to comb through voter lists and prevent fraud. Seems pretty benign, right? There’s no way Crosscheck, launched by Kansas Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach, could be insidious and racist, is there?

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