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Seven Stories Press

Works of Radical Imagination

Seven Books For Human Rights, Against War 

A New York Times Bestseller

Noam Chomsky’s first book devoted entirely to the topic of income inequality, Requiem for the American Dream is based on four years of interviews and will stand as his definitive word on our era’s greatest global injustice.

Angela Davis’s most current thinking on the state of our democracy, resistance and law, prisons and policies, sexual coercion, and social justice. 

“There is no mistaking the consistency of her message, a pursuit of justice for those she believes are victimized by governmental policies and structures.”—Newsday

Zinn’s first book for young adults retells US history from the viewpoints of slaves, workers, immigrants, women, and Native Americans, reminding younger readers that America’s true greatness is shaped by common people, outcasts, and dissidents, not military and corporate leadership. Over 200,000 copies in print.

In the most comprehensive book on birth control since the 1970s, women’s health activist Laura Eldridge discusses the history, current science, and practical uses of everything from condoms to the male pill to Plan B.

“This book is about to regalvanize the women’s health revolution!” —Betty Dodson, author of Sex for One: The Joy of Selfloving

With Planned Parenthood under attack, and restrictive laws creeping up all over the country, Generation Roe is a fresh perspective on what matters about abortion today.

“[Erdreich] replaces lies with honesty and myth with reality.” —Gloria Steinem

In his classic history of terrorism, genocide and ecocide—told from a Native American point of view—Forbes diagnoses the Western compulsion to consume the earth as a sickness.

The World Report is the preeminent annual account of human rights abuse around the world—a report card on the progress of nations toward the protection of human rights for people everywhere. 

“Everyone who has believed in the United States as the staunchest protector of human rights in history should be worried.” —International Herald Tribune

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