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Celebrate Danny Schechter (1942-2015) with us this weekend

This Saturday, 6/27/15, at 1pm
please join us at Judson Memorial Church
for a celebration of the life, work, and spirit
of Danny Schechter (June 27, 1942 – March 19, 2015)
on the occasion of his 73rd birthday.


We miss you, Danny.
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Vive le Ralph!


In a recent column in Salon, Bill Curry wrote:

“Though a private citizen, [Ralph] Nader [has] shepherded more bills through Congress than all but a handful of American presidents.  If that sounds like an outsize claim, try refuting it.  His signature wins [have] included landmark laws on auto, food, consumer product and workplace safety; clean air and water; freedom of information, and consumer, citizen, worker and shareholder rights.  In a century only Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson passed more major legislation.”

Since the publication, half a century ago, of Ralph’s landmark Unsafe at any Speed (by which he initiated the consumer movement, in Curry’s words, “as just one guy banging away at a typewriter”), he has been perhaps America’s foremost voice of conscience and public sobriety, a champion of working- and middle-class Americans, and the unofficial First Citizen of our republic.

When things get serious, Ralph’s who you want around.  

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Seeing Motherhood from Many Angles

Happy Mother’s Day, y’all!

As we take time out to celebrate all the roles that mothers and motherhood play in our lives, Seven Stories is proud to feature a sale on ten of our back list titles, each one considering motherhood, childbirth, and women’s health from a different perspective.  Order any of these titles through Sunday, May 17th, and get 65% off!  Just enter the discount code MOTHERSDAY as you check out.


Birth Matters by Ina May Gaskin
From a peerless midwife and childbirth educator, one of the International Planned Parenthood Federation’s Top 6 books of 2011


Joyous Childbirth Changes the World by Tadashi Yoshimura
Dr. Tadashi Yoshimura is an obstetrician whose clinic in Okazaki has become legendary for accepting high-risk patients and achieving stunningly positive outcomes

OM-Sheehan-PB mech

In the Spirit of Homebirth by Bronwyn Preece
The voices of women, men, and children, along with midwives and doulas, are gathered here by the Canadian artist and earthBODYment pioneer Bronwyn Preece


Generation Roe by Sarah Erdreich
A look inside the future of the pro-choice movement by a leading women’s health advocate


In Our Control by Laura Eldridge
A complete guide to contraceptive choices for women


The Postpartum Effect by Arlene M Huysman
Drawing on decades of clinical experience, a leading psychologist specializing in mood disorders offers a close look at postpartum depression, which affects more than 400,000 Americans each year

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Voices of the Women’s Health Movement (Volumes 1 & 2) by Barbara Seaman with Laura Eldridge
The more than two hundred contributors to this two-volume compilation, the capstone of Barbara Seaman’s decades-long work at the forefront of advocacy for women’s health, include Jennifer Baumgardner, Angela Davis, Barbara Ehrenreich, Germaine Greer, Shulamith Firestone, Erica Jong, Molly Haskell, Shere Hite, Susie Orbach, Judith Rossner, Gloria Steinem, Sojourner Truth, Naomi Wolf, and many others.

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