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June 21

What supposedly thorny journalistic questions could be simply settled by honest, unbiased inquiry? Noam Chomsky asked that very question in 2002, in his speech "The Journalist from Mars," included in the second edition of Media Control: The Spectacular Achievments of PropagandaLet's say an idealistic journalist came down from Mars, with none of the prejudices used by intellectual elites to buttress up power. What would that Martian make of global affairs and the way they're reported? How would our Martian friend report on terrorist acts in Nicaragua, Lebanon, the U.S., and elsewhere? Chomsky does his best Martian impression and informs us below.

March 06

"They are making bourgeois garbage and I have been making revolutionary garbage." Thus quoth Jean-Luc Godard, about his former friends, the "bourgeois" filmmakers Truffaut or Coutard, in this 1970 interview with the Evergreen Review's Kent Carroll. It's a fascinating text, in which Godard, along with Jean-Pierre Gorin, his partner in the class-consciouss Dziga-Vertov Group, discuss American students, revolutionary struggle, and "what the Chinese call a bullet wrapped in sugar." We hope you enjoy!

July 11

In a sense we need to take the wind out of the sails of fake news and rhetorical hyperbole by charting a practical course toward social democratic/democratic socialist policies on health, education, immigration, environment, economy, labor, social justice and foreign policy.

April 13

The following excerpt, from Walter Mosley's Workin' on the Chain Gang is featured in Voices of a People's History of the United States, edited by Howard Zinn and Anthony Arnove. The electronic version of Voices is free for download through April 19. In addition, all print titles from Howard Zinn are 35% off through April 19.