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One of Seven Stories's most influential books is Noam Chomsky’s 9-11, a pamphlet that came out in November 2001, only seven weeks after the events of that day. It was published as a cry in the wilderness from a dissident voice then not widely known outside of academia at a moment when the concerted American response to the tragedy was the bombing of Afghanistan. But within two years it was not only a worldwide bestseller, selling 400,000 copies in the US and over a million across the globe, but more importantly had become the emblem of a nascent resistance movement here, one which by 2003 then-President George W. Bush was finding it necessary to deny in presidential press conferences. 9-11 showed the world that there were other voices in America that did not agree with the policies of our government. Many other titles we have published, by writers like Barry Gifford, Angela Davis, Assia Djebar, Annie Ernaux, Kurt Vonnegut, and Howard Zinn to name just a few, have changed how large numbers see themselves and the world around them, shifting the conversation and bringing courage and true storytelling to bear.