Read School Library Journal’s review of The Story of the Blue Planet

March 22, 2013

Magnason_BluePlanetSchool Library Journal featured this review of Andri Snaer Magnason’s The Story of the Blue Planet:


Those who enjoyed Adam Gidwitz’s A Tale Dark and Grimm (Dutton, 2010) may find Magnason’s cautionary ecological tale a perfect compliment. Like Gidwitz, Magnason does not shy away from graphic descriptions of danger and death. That being said, as in all good fables, he begins with once upon a time and readers learn of an innocuous-looking blue planet floating in space. It is inhabited solely by children, who live an idyllic, although somewhat savage life (they hunt for food, even clubbing seals). They are happy and this is most fully realized once a year when the butterflies of the Blue Mountains follow the sun across the sky, a beautiful and breathtaking sight. But as in all good tales and life itself, things are never static. Enter the villain, Mr. Goodday, who lands on the planet and is discovered by the protagonists, Brimir and Hulda. Mr. Goodday, over the course of a very short time, corrupts the children by giving them the power to fly and by introducing them to, among other things, the concept of sefishness. In the process the planet is corrupted as well, affecting the entire ecosystem. After a number of harrowing events, Mr. Goodday is outsmarted by Hulda, who offers to fulfill his greatest wish in return for restoring the children and planet to their former states. Well-paced, with some wonderful, story-enhancing color illustrations. –Mary Beth Rassulo, Ridgefield Library, CT

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