Exciting Triangle Square Titles in the Offing!

March 24, 2015

Here in New York City, spring, gradually, is springing.  As a slow, determined thaw takes hold, exciting things are happening at Triangle Square!  Here are some upcoming books we’re excited about:

The_Mummy-Makers_of_Egypt_edited_dca2ed45-e9b0-43d9-a54d-a9c589275ff6_1024x1024The Mummy-Makers of Egypt
by Tamara Bower
July 2015

Yuya was a powerful courtier during Ancient Egypt’s Eighteenth Dynasty in the fourteenth century BC.  The discovery of his tomb in 1905 was a major world event, overshadowed only by the discovery of King Tut in 1905.  In this gorgeous book, illustrated in painstaking detail by artist and Egypt scholar Tamara Bower, Yuya is brought to life — or more accurately, brought to death.  Ipy is the son of the royal embalmer, and he watches as his father prepares Yuya’s mummy for his voyage into the afterlife.  Full of marvelous details on life, death, and art in Ancient Egypt, The Mummy-Makers of Egypt is the first children’s book on mummies to be written from the embalmers’ perspective, and the first to feature the gorgeous, authentically Egyptian-style art of Tamara Bower.  Kids love the gorgeous (and occasionally gory) details, from the distinctive beauty 0f hieroglyphic writing to the spellbinding portrayal of Egyptian magical rites to the royal embalmers’ unique method of removing the mummy’s brain — through the nose.

Adam and Thomas7S_Adam_and_Thomas_cover_comps_A_2
by Aharon Appelfeld
December 2015

Aharon Appelfeld is a legend of world literature and the author of many novels, including Badenheim 1939The Age of Wonders, and Unto the Soul, and his won numerous literary prizes, including the Bialik Prize, the National Jewish Book Award, the Israel Prize, the Nelly Sachs Prize, and the Prix Médicis.  In 1940, at the age of eight, he was deported by the Nazis to a concentration camp in Transnistria — and quickly escaped.  The next three years of his young life, spent wandering the forests of Central Europe, subsisting on what could be found there and encountering fellow wanderers, formed the inspiration for Adam and Thomas, which tells the story of two nine-year-old Jewish boys surviving the war together in the forest, joined by Miro, Adam‘s family dog, and visited by Mina, a local girl living with a peasant family in town.  At once a tale of childhood’s magic, a remembrance of Europe’s darkest hours, and a lesson in freedom and heritage, Adam and Thomas is a work of profound meaning for readers of all ages, from one of the world’s foremost living writers.

Nagara_CountingonCommunityCounting on Community
by Innosanto Nagara
September 2015

Last year, A is for ActivistInnosanto Nagara’s irrepressible, irresistible board book for the children of the ninety-nine percent, became a runaway phenomenon: Tom Morello recorded it as a book on tape, Martha Gonzalez created her own version in Spanish, and copies flew off shelves faster than we could print them.  Now, Innosanto is back with his second book, the equally gorgeous, educational, and community-minded Counting on Community.  With a focus on the fun of healthy food, eco-friendly play, the warmth of coming together with neighbors, friends, and family, and power to make change, Counting on Community continues where A is for Activist left off, and, like A is for Activist, is perfect for kids between three years old and a hundred and three.  Oh yeah, and there’s a duck hidden on every page!

Sex is a Funny Word9781609806064_1024x1024
by Cory Silverberg
illustrated by Fiona Smyth
June 2015

In the follow-up to their international hit What Makes a Baby?, the writer/illustrator team of sex educator Cory Silverberg and artist Fiona Smyth returns to give us the first truly inclusive sex education book for children of all genders, identities, and orientations.  Appropriate for all families, and free of sex education books’ habitual focus on reproduction, Sex is a Funny Word is perfect for kids aged eight to ten, and for their parents, who may not know how to start an important conversation about sex, even as they understand the need to have one.  Areas covered include bodies, gender, touching, and relationships, with information on what “sexy” is, developmentally appropriate names for body parts, personal boundaries, sexual safety, gender, and sexual identity.  With its inclusiveness of all youth, including the gender nonconforming, trans, and the simply curious, Sex is a Funny Word is a benchmark in the history of sex education books.

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