September 16, 2013

4 days ago, September 12, 2013, was The National Day of Encouragement

“The National Day of Encouragement is a day dedicated to uplifting those around us and making a positive impact, no matter the magnitude. It’s that simple.”

Created by Harding University in Arkansas six years ago, this beautiful day was celebrated all over in different states, schools, and organizations with postings from all different people including: Kid President, Gap Athleta, and

Seven Stories takes pride in publishing books of inspiration, imagination, and encouragement. Especially within our children/ young adult imprint, Triangle Square, we aspire to publish books of meaning, with intentional focuses to stimulate young minds.


Check out some of our inspirational books from Triangle Square!









and because we love this so much, check out A Pep Talk from Kid President, if your in need of some encouragement today!

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