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  • The Los Angeles Review of Books, celebrates Rodolfo Walsh in their review

    September 9, 2013

    The Los Angeles Review of Books, celebrates Rodolfo Walsh in their review of Operation Massacre on September 7th, 2013, titled, “On beloved Argentinian journalist Rodolfo Walsh,” by Marguerite Feitlowitz.

    Feitlowitz depicts Walsh’s fame and honor as a Latin American writer who’s contribution to literature and devotion to human right made him a victim of Argentina’s “Dirty War,” and a man well worth his legacy.

    Praising his success as a writer and as an activist, Feitlowitz gives a grander view of what Operation Massacre is an important and interesting book to navigate through.

    “The book is a document of the effort to which a writer will go simply to hear a person’s story; to question the details; to construct a narrative that both allows for the inconsistencies of individual eyewitnesses and yet is not undone by them… Daniella Gitlin’s translation is clean, attentive to the subtleties of Walsh’s prose, and her introduction and notes are very good indeed… In this moment of anxiety over the flow of information, confusion over the responsibilities of writers and journalists, the publication of this volume is well timed.”

    Operation Massacre is available for the first time in English: a game-changing classic of true crime from Argentina, 1957, by a Latin American literary hero whose courage to find the truth eventually condemned him to death.

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