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  • Double Fist: A Book for Both Hands

    June 5, 2013

    Double Fist: A Reading with Chavisa Woods & Jeanne Thorntondoublefist_web
    Wednesday, June 5th @ 7pm
    Bluestockings Bookstore, Fair Trade Cafe, and Activist Center
    172 Allen St
    New York, NY


    Chavisa Woods, author of Albino Album, will be joined by Jeanne Thornton, author of The Dream of Doctor Bantam, on Wednesday, June 5th at Bluestockings for a night of readings and conversation.

    In The Dream of Doctor Bantam, Jeanne Thornton tells an unlikely love story of  rough, chain-smoking Texan Julie Thatch and her lover, Patrice. When Julie’s hero and sister dieds after being hit by a car, she finds her self gravitating to Patrice- someone strangely similar to her sister, and someone who is also a member of the Scientology-esque Institute of Temporal Illusion.

    The Albino Album is a novel as songs that tells the epic story of a girl who rides the line between abandon and lunacy on a speeding albino horse.

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