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  • An Interview with Activist Stephanie McMillan

    September 18, 2013

    Henry Chamberlain’s recent interview with cartoonist Stephanie McMillan gives insight to her passion for both activism and comics to make the world a better place. McMillan describes how postmodernism ideology has impaired our ability to fight against capitalism, an enemy that society should try to overthrow. Click here to read the full interview: Stephanie McMillan and Activism in Comics.

    HENRY CHAMBERLAIN: Stephanie, thank you for doing this interview. You are an activist, a journalist, and a cartoonist. You have created significant work, like “The Beginning of the American Fall,” which gives readers an inside look at how the Occupy movement came into existence. You have an ongoing comic strip, “The Minimum Security Chronicles,” that combines humor and discourse on being an activist. Your background is very interesting. You studied film and animation and you’ve always been an activist. Would you give a look at how you came to use words and pictures?

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  • One Struggle rally in South Florida: “Walmart profits come in coffins!”

    May 6, 2013

    BeginningAmericanFallpicHere’s an update from Stephanie McMillan, author of The Beginning of the American Fall, and the upcoming collection The Minimum Security Chronicles


    On May 04, 2013, about 45 South Floridians rallied at Walmart Super Center in Davie to express solidarity with workers in Bangladesh. The death toll of the Rana Plaza building collapse in Savar, Bangladesh currently stands at 547.

    The protesters chanted, “Walmart profits come in coffins!” “When human rights are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back!” and “Hey Walmart, what do you say, how many workers have you killed today?”

    Walmart makes $15.4 billion annual profit by maintaining exploitative and dangerous working conditions around the globe. In the last 6 months, at least 659 Bangladeshi workers have been killed making clothing for them and other retail brands. In the U.S., Walmart store employees and
    warehouse workers suffer low wages, long hours, no benefits, and no union organization.

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  • Stephanie McMillan Protests with the Stop OwlCatraz Coalition

    March 18, 2013

    Stephanie McMillan, author of Beginning of the American Fall (Seven Stories Press, 2012), recently took part in and wrote about an important student protest put on by the Stop OwlCatraz Coalition. Angered with a $6 million donation to Florida Atlantic University from GEO Group (an organization which runs more than a hundred for-profit prisons and youth and immigrant detention facilities known for horrible treatment of persons held within their walls) that lead to the school’s stadium being named for them, students, Earth First!ers, an ACLU attorney, FL Immigrant RightsCoalition, and members of the media gathered on February 25th to protest and march on the school President’s office.

    After a sit-in in her office and heated negotiations, the school President, Mary Jane Saunders, agreed to meet with students. Though Saunders scheduled the open meeting for the first day of spring break, over 250 people attended. The final outcome of the talks was that the school intended to keep the money and name the stadium after the donor, despite the students’ concerns.

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  • Stephanie McMillan, artist of new comix journalism on Occupy, interviewed on Salty Eggs

    November 16, 2012

    Check out this interview with Stephanie McMillan, artist, activist, and the author and cartoonist behind The Beginning of the American Fallon Salty Eggs.

    Stephanie McMillan will be speaking at the Miami Book Fair International on Sunday, Nov. 18th at 1pm in a panel on Comics and Social Change. 

    The Beginning of the American Fall, for which [McMillan] won the RFK journalism award, follows her work in 2011 when Occupy was just emerging and the BP oil spill in the Gulf had energized a lot of Americans, radical or not. A collage of essays, comics, and journalistic observation, American Fall opens with “How I became politicized,” a brief account of when McMillan’s “life changed,” and follows with a graphic list of U.S. “conditions in 2011″: more than 54 percent of the U.S. discretionary budget was spent on imperialist aggression; six million Americans had lost their homes; average college tuition in the U.S.

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