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  • Celebrating a Year with Triangle Square: A note to Young Readers

    October 16, 2013

    This week marks the one year anniversary of Triangle Square Books for Young Readers! To celebrate, we will be sharing exclusive content with our readers and fans including interviews, videos, graphics and more!

    This week, we are celebrating with A Different Mirror for Young People, written by Ronald Takaki and adapted by Rebecca Stefoff, which was published a year ago today!

    To kick off our anniversary celebration, we would like to share a note from Rebecca, to our young readers and fans:

    Whatever you’re reading, I have one thing to say to you, and that is, “Keep reading!”

    These days, books have to compete for our time. We are surrounded by the Internet, television, movies, and videogames. But as the huge success of the Harry Potter has shown, there is still magic in the way we can lose ourselves in the world of a book. A story can make you laugh or cry, carry you to a different time or place or into someone else’s life.

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