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  • Huffington Post on Leonard Miller & race relations in NASCAR

    Huffington Post on Leonard Miller & race relations in NASCAR

    May 18, 2010

    Could the majority-white live audience for NASCAR really be the reason for corporate reticence in doling out the dough? If so, it is insulting on many levels. ... If NASCAR sponsors really aren't giving Miller's group a fair shot at their dollars because of race, then they underestimate the talent he has assembled, as well as the evolving NASCAR audience which also includes statistically significant numbers of Asian, Latino and African-American fans, according to Sports Business Daily. To be sure, racism still exists everywhere, and there are, no doubt, some in the audience who wouldn't cheer for Miller's team because of race. Still, to assume that NO ONE, or even just a small minority would accept a black team, is to perpetuate a stereotype created in movies and comedic routines of NASCAR fans as beer-swilling, stars and bars flying, racist yokels. Again, to look at the numbers, that just ain't so. — Susan Deily-Swearingen on Racing While Black

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