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  • San Francisco Bay Guardian features What Makes a Baby and Cory Silverberg’s Crowdfunding Campaign

    July 10, 2013

    For anyone who doubts the demand for a children’s book on social justice, with an all-inclusive view of reproduction, the SF Bay Guardian would direct you towards What Makes a Baby author Cory Silverberg’s hugely successful crowdfunding campaign to get the book published – Silverberg raised $65,000 in just one month.SilverbergCoverImage

    The idea for What Makes a Baby arose from the author’s observation that existing resources for parents to teach their young children where they came from are heterosexual and gender binary-based, and so automatically exclude many families and children. Silverberg’s fundraising campaign allowed LGBT parents to prove the demand for a children’s book inclusive to all families, without qualifiers such as orientation or gender identity.

    Dr. Sonja Mackenzie, a faculty member at San Francisco State University and queer parent of two, says that What Makes a Baby is beyond what we have ever seen represented in children’s books,” and another Bay Area mother, Vicki Hudson, adds that the book ”enables many different types of families to feel represented.

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  • Professor Brian Murphy (Niagra University) on Project Censored’s influence in truth-telling

    July 30, 2012

    “Three ways Project Censored has influenced my professional life. As a Canadian journalist covering the wars in southern Africa for the international alternative news agency Inter Press Service during the 1980s I heard and saw Project Censored was one of the few media outlets in the USA consistently featuring the under reported versions of the Apartheid war – one of the few  national voices coming out of the United States. I paid attention. When I was working with the film making company Media Education Foundation where we were trying to be part of a national initiative defining and promoting Media Literacy, the annual publication of Project Censored was one of our reference points. When I joined the faculty of the Department of Communication Studies at Niagara University we decided to completely redesign the program as a degree in Communicating for Social Justice. In ten years that re-design has become a model for many other Communication Departments.

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