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  • David Swanson on Ohio

    David Swanson on Ohio

    September 11, 2009

    From The Smirking Chimp: On a book tour in Ohio, I've met people underworked, overworked, and underpaid. I've seen shut down factories and every other sort of building. This is a depression. There are huge areas with nothing new built and nothing old properly maintained. But there are people actively engaged in struggling for economic justice and every other kind of justice, for themselves and for the rest of the world. And that is inspiring. Mary Nichols Rhodes, Michael Carano, Pat Carano, and other leaders of Progressive Democrats of Ohio are fulltime activists with unrelated fulltime jobs caring for people's health, driving trucks -- when do these people sleep? How do they keep going? They are engaged in constant, varied, overlapping campaigns for local, state, national, and international justice. In Akron, these and lots of other activist leaders last year discovered that the mayor planned to sell off the city's sewers. Rather than taxing wealthy corporations and individuals, why not enrich them further by privatizing sewers? The people said no, put it on the ballot, passed it, and defeated a ballot measure proposed by the mayor. This and other local victories are not heard about nationally, in part because those involved never stop to tell their stories, but push on doing their share in pressuring Washington to end wars and provide healthcare. — David Swanson

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