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  • Shell cancels plans for drilling off-shore in 2013

    February 28, 2013

    Great news for the Alaskan Arctic: Shell has cancelled all plans for drilling through 2013! Banerjee_ArcticVoices_coverFINAL

    After months of weather problems and issues with the drilling rigs and oil spill containment vessels, Shell has decided that they will not be drilling in the Alaskan Arctic this year. Although this is great news for the environment and the community, it does not mean an end to off-shore drilling entirely. While Shell repairs rigs and prepares for future operations of the already $5 billion investment, the company will also continue off-shore research and meetings with villagers to benefit the long-term project.

    The US Department of Interior plans to do a full-scale review of the operation in the next few weeks. If you would like to learn more about this subject, read the full Los Angeles Times article or check out Subhankar Banerjee’s Arctic Voices: Resistance at the Tipping Point.

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  • GREAT News: Shell abandons Alaska offshore drilling efforts until next year

    September 18, 2012

    Shell has been forced to abandon its offshore drilling efforts in the Chukchi and Beafort Seas due to a series of setbacks. The most recent setback involves problems with the oil containment barge, the Arctic Challenger. While held up by the US coastguard in Bellingham, Washington, the vessel was cited for illegal fluid discharge. Although Shell will continue to drill top holes, they will be unable to drill to any oil deposits. 

    The L.A. Times reports:

    “Shell Alaska said Monday it has abandoned its efforts to drill into hydrocarbon deposits in the offshore Arctic after the latest in a series of glitches on the company’s troubled oil containment barge resulted in damage to the high-tech dome designed to contain oil in the event of an underwater spill.

    Company officials said they will continue to drill “top holes” off the Alaskan coast through the end of this season’s drilling window, but will not attempt to reach any oil deposits this year — a serious but not fatal setback for the company, which has spent six years attempting to explore its outer continental shelf leases off the coast of Alaska.”

    Read the full article at the LA Times.

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  • Subhankar Banerjee on Democracy Now “Shell is not prepared for Arctic drilling this summer”

    July 20, 2012

    Shell has not received the final drilling permits to begin exploratory drilling off the coast of Alaska, which they hope to start next month. Subhankar Banerjee, editor of the new collection of essays, Arctic Voices: Resistance at the Tipping Point, talks with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez on Democracy Now about why the oil company is unprepared to drill in harsh weather conditions and looks at the history of their past false assurances. Environmental groups are challenging Shell’s plans and protests are taking place around the world. Subhankar argues that now is the perfect time to pressure the administration to consider the huge implications that these drilling operations would have on the people, the animals, and the land.

    See the entire interview below:

    Subhankar Banerjee: Looming Deadline Creates Window for Protests to Stop Shell’s Arctic Drilling

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  • Environmental groups challenge Shell’s oil spill response plans in Arctic

    July 10, 2012

    “In an effort to hold oil companies to a higher standard in the Arctic Ocean, a coalition of conservation groups announced Monday that  they are suing to challenge the federal government’s approval of oil spill cleanup plans for Shell Alaska’s upcoming operations in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas.” Shell has already filed preemptive legal strikes against environmental groups and is on track to begin exploratory drilling in August. They have already spent $4 billion on the project and had their drilling permits fast-tracked by the federal government with Obama’s personal involvement.

    While the environmental groups are not expecting to halt the drilling set to begin next month, they hope to establish a higher standard of review in upcoming offshore operations.

    Read the entire article at the Los Angeles Times and see Arctic Voices, edited by Subhankar Banerjee, featuring essays by prominent activists, authors, and researchers on the many issues facing the land and people of the Arctic.

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  • Greenpeace activists get creative protesting Shell’s Arctic drilling

    July 6, 2012

    Last month Greenpeace activists staged a party in Seattle supposedly hosted by Royal Dutch Shell to celebrate the upcoming debut of offshore oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean.

    In an article in the LA Times, environmental activists explain that they are being forced to find more creative ways to protest partly because “Shell has launched an unusual preemptive legal strike that has foreclosed many traditional protest options against an exploration program that could open an entirely new energy frontier in the U.S. Arctic.”

    Read the entire article here.

    For further proof of why this beautiful and remote region needs protection, check out Subhankar Banerjee’s Arctic Voices, which features essays and photographs by prominent activists, researchers, novelists and artists.

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  • “Drilling the Arctic: Are we in a Shell game?”

    June 26, 2012

    banerjee_arcticvoices_coverfinal22“‘Right now, the biggest battle over the Arctic is the Arctic Ocean. . . Slowly, incrementally, Shell might kill the Arctic Ocean,’  Banerjee warned at a Seattle Arts & Lectures appearance at Seattle Town Hall.

    Why listen to warnings from these folks?  Because they have a record of being right, and because they make a case against all those claims by Big Oil and its political strumpets that fill our TV screens.”

    Click here to read more about Subhanker Banerjee’s talk on his new book, Arctic Voices:Resistance at the Tipping Point

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