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  • Best Books About Poverty In America According To Experts

    September 6, 2012

    All You Can Eat by Joel Berg has been chosen as a Top Book about Poverty.

    “Many books have been written about poverty in America. As part of the Shadow Conventions 2012, we’ve talked to experts across the country, in academia and thinktanks, authors and an Occupy Wall Street librarian, to track down the best reads about this serious and growing problem in the richest country on earth.”

    In All You Can Eat Berg takes to task politicians who remain inactive; the media, which ignores hunger except during holidays and hurricanes; and the food industry, which makes fattening, artery-clogging fast food more accessible to the nation’s poor than healthy fare. A spirited call to action, All You Can Eat shows how practical solutions for hungry Americans will ultimately benefit America’s economy and all of its citizens.

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