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  • Tony Hefner interviewed in the San Antonio Current

    Tony Hefner interviewed in the San Antonio Current

    September 9, 2010

    You left to go get religious training? I started going to church then. And that’s where I realized people weren’t prejudiced. That people really loved people and [I saw] a whole different realm of things … treating you like you was a human being. That’s why whenever I seen this going on at that detention facility, all these flashbacks kept coming back. Like what? These poor, immigrant people are just trying to make a living, trying to please people, and still try to take care of their families. A lot of them are just migrant workers. I talked to a lot of them in the detention facility who knew English real well, because my Spanish was terrible. They’re just hard-working people who … for hundreds of years they’ve been crossing the border. And they come over here and they work in our fields and they pick our fruits. … I mean, those are jobs that most Americans don’t want. Oh yeah, they want the supervisor job where they can boss the people around, where they don’t have to get out there and pick the fruit and work in some of these different places. —from Tony Hefner's interview about Between the Fences

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