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  • Daybreak reviewed at Rusty Lime

    Daybreak reviewed at Rusty Lime

    February 11, 2010

    From Kim OJ at Rusty Lime, "a collective of bloggers brought together from all over the world in the interest of bringing you original stories, news, opinions and occasional relevance": ... After reading Daybreak, I realized that though healthcare reform and emission reductions are extremely important, securing democracy is even more fundamental. What use is good legislation if the president can just ignore it? Chose not to enforce the laws, or break them himself? What Swanson advocates in Daybreak is that Congress enforce the Constitution by impeaching ANY president who fails to uphold it. Only by enforcing the Constitution can we expect presidents and others to uphold it. ... There is no doubt that Swanson is a progressive, but the main thesis of Daybreak does not belong on the fringe of the political spectrum, but should be at home across the broad middle of political ideologies that subscribe to democracy and the rule of law.

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