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  • Motherhood and the Pro-Choice Movement

    July 24, 2013

    In Sarah Erdreich’s recent Huffington Post blog, ‘Pro- Choice Mother’ is Not an Oxymoron, Erdreich openly opposes SarahErdreichphotothe commonly agreed upon belief that being pro-choice and a mother are incompatible.

    Erdreich declares that she was pro- choice before becoming a mother, and remains pro-choice after her daughter was born. Erdreich states that reproductive choice and deciding when to become a parent don’t necessarily go hand in hand with abortion however, in her opinion, if a woman feels that it’s the right time for her to become a parent, she should; if she feels that it’s not the right time, then she should have her reproductive rights of choosing another option (such as contraception, adoption and abortion).

    “I absolutely cannot imagine ever telling another woman what she should and shouldn’t be allowed to do with her body, what choices she should and shouldn’t be allowed to make. And I cannot comprehend the arrogance of anyone that would try to do so.”

    Erdreich goes on to explain her belief in reproductive rights as defining it as the right to affordable birth control so that pregnancy can be delayed until the mother is ready.

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  • What Makes a Baby Toronto Book Launch

    June 9, 2013

    Final Cover.inddWhat Makes a Baby Toronto Book Launch
    Sunday, June 9th @ 3pm
    The Academy of the Impossible
    231 Wallace Ave
    Toronto, ON

    Join author Cory Silverberg and illustrator Fiona Smyth on Sunday, June 9th at the Academy of the Impossible for the Toronto book launch of their new picture book What Makes a Baby.

    Geared to readers from pre-school to 8 years old, it teaches curious kids about conception, gestation, and birth in a way that works regardless of whether or not the kid in question was adopted, conceived using reproductive technologies, at home or in a clinic, through surrogacy, or the old fashioned way, and regardless of how many people were involved, their orientation, gender and other identity, or family composition. Just as important, the story doesn’t gender people or body parts, so most parents and families will find that it leaves room for them to educate their child without having to erase their own experience.

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  • What Makes a Baby New York Book Launch

    June 1, 2013

    What Makes a Baby New York Book Launchcory-author-image
    Saturday, June 1st @ 2:30pm
    Bank Street Books
    Broadway & 112th St
    New York, NY


    On Saturday, June 1st, Cory Silverberg will be at Bank Street Books to celebrate the launch of his new book, What Makes a Baby.

    Most books about where babies come from leave many of us out. They tell a nice story (mommy + daddy + intercourse = you!) but the truth is that more and more of us are acknowledging the help we get to bring children into our lives. That help might be a doctor, fertility clinic, adoption or foster agency; it might be a turkey baster and a friend; it might be a sperm donor or a surrogate. What Makes a Baby helps parents tell children a story about where they came from that isn’t just true for them, but true for everyone.

    Join Cory for a kid-friendly afternoon filled with reading, coloring (pulled straight from the pages of What Makes a Baby), food, drink, and discussions about where babies—all babies—come from.

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