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  • Tony Hefner on the Port Isabel Detention Center

    Tony Hefner on the Port Isabel Detention Center

    March 2, 2010

    From Enrique Lopetegui's article at QueBlog about the recent protests demanding the closing of the Port Isabel Detention Center in Los Fresnos, Texas: "This is the pain," [Southwest Worker's Union member Anayanse Garza] said, holding a petition, "these are the 243 signatures of the people at Port IsabeI that have been tortured, beaten and humiliated, and these orders were coming from [ICE's field office director] Michael J. Pitts, who is sitting very comfortably in his air-conditioned room, while other people are being tortured and threatened with force-feeding by having a tube inserted through their noses. I don't care if the government says that immigrants have no human rights. Immigrants do have human rights. It's not a crime to hunger strike, it is your right, and that's why [Pitts] should be tried." ... "The very same thing that happened [in my time] is happening today [at PIDC]," said [Tony] Hefner. "Stealing money from detainees, beating detainees up ... If detainees from two different countries were fighting, they would handcuff them together and push them into each other and take bets on them."

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