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  • A Day in the Life: Editorial Intern

    February 20, 2013


    Even though I’m an Editorial Intern, my day here at Seven Stories
    Press can include work from any department. On any given day, I might
    be creating the index for one of our titles, proofreading our next
    Ralph Nader book, or reaching out to reviewers or other media contacts
    about a new novel we have coming out. And most often, it’s all of
    these varied tasks on the same day. Things don’t get dull at Seven
    Stories. As an intern, I’m always learning new things. No matter what
    tasks come at me through a day, I always feel like I’m helping in the
    process of putting out the important messages that Seven Stories
    authors have to offer.

    Even the less glamorous office tasks are interesting here. One day,
    one of our authors asked us to send a copy of one of his books to a
    political prisoner. Often there are extremely strict rules about what
    books can get to political prisoners and what cannot, and sometimes they have
    to come directly from the publisher to be accepted.

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