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  • Sarah Erdreich’s trip to a Crisis Pregnancy Clinic

    July 16, 2013

    The Huffington Post featured an article today by pro-choice activist and author of Generation Roe, Sarah Erdreich, in which she recounts her recent trip to a Crisis Pregnancy Clinic (CPC). CPCs are infamous for their latent anti-choice agendas and Erdreich thought it was important for her to experience this side of the movement first-hand. What she learned was predictable but nevertheless alarming.

    Erdreich_GenerationRoe_72dpiShe met with one of the clinic’s (un-licensed) counselors under the pretense of wanting to discuss her pregnancy. Erdreich describes the meeting as not unpleasant, though devoid of any helpful information. The pamphlets she was given, however, were full of information –medically inaccurate information and biased scare tactics. For example,¬†”One pamphlet claimed that abortion makes women infertile, despite the fact that there is no proven relationship¬†between abortion and subsequent infertility.”

    Erdreich ends her article by eloquently stating, “That false ‘counselors’ are comfortable lying to women looking for help is evidence of how badly CPCs abuse the trust of those it purports to care about.

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