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  • Getting books behind bars

    August 7, 2013

    Seven Stories Press recently received a letter from a man named Luis Rodriguez who is incarcerated
    in a prison in Pennsylvania. Mr. Rodriguez had requested a copy of Howard Zinn’s Terrorism and War, and Terrorism: Theirs and Ours and wrote back, voicing his experience behind bars and how these two books fit into his daily life as a prisoner:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    As a Muslim American in prison for the first time in my life I [have] been through a lot of official oppression and discrimination for not only being Spanish but also a Muslim, and all this that many people don’t care about in society. I am only 30 years of age. I was a bright child like a star in the sky. My goal was to become a lawyer, to have a good wife and children, a house, and car. But life didn’t turn out that way.

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