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  • Professor Brian Murphy (Niagra University) on Project Censored’s influence in truth-telling

    July 30, 2012

    “Three ways Project Censored has influenced my professional life. As a Canadian journalist covering the wars in southern Africa for the international alternative news agency Inter Press Service during the 1980s I heard and saw Project Censored was one of the few media outlets in the USA consistently featuring the under reported versions of the Apartheid war – one of the few  national voices coming out of the United States. I paid attention. When I was working with the film making company Media Education Foundation where we were trying to be part of a national initiative defining and promoting Media Literacy, the annual publication of Project Censored was one of our reference points. When I joined the faculty of the Department of Communication Studies at Niagara University we decided to completely redesign the program as a degree in Communicating for Social Justice. In ten years that re-design has become a model for many other Communication Departments.

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