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  • Ralph Nader Purchases Former Bank Building in Connecticut to Open Nation’s First Law Museum

    July 18, 2013

    On Tuesday, the Register Citizen of Lichfield County, CT announced that Ralph Nader has recently purchased the former Winsted Savings Bank, and plans to convert the space into the nation’s first law museum, the “American Museum of Tort Law.”3527458_091abcd8-d197-4e1d-80d5-f5266dbc2090

    “The law of torts,” Nader explained via e-mail, “is invoked by plaintiffs when there is wrongful injury to persons and property. Its origins date back to English common law.”

    Exhibits for the museum are currently being designed, and will include historical and major cases, including judicial decisions in auto safety, tobacco, asbestos and invasion of privacy.

    Nader stated that this new museum “will serve as a major educational institution regarding the rights and remedies available to the American people under the rule of law that holds injurious wrongdoers accountable and deters future wrongdoing.”

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