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  • Greg Palast interviewed by Mark Karlin at Truthout

    September 12, 2012

    Greg Palast is interviewed by Mark Karlin in Truthout; find out everything you needed to know about who is funding our presidential candidates and what their dirty secrets are!

    Here’s a preview:

    Mark Karlin: Isn’t it amazing that since 2000, Karl Rove has played a key role in GOP election theft strategies – and is still going strong in 2012?

    Greg Palast: Turdblossom has over a quarter billion dollars in his “social service charity,” Crossroads. Over $20 million from Ice Man. Unlike McCain, who wouldn’t touch Rove because of Turdblossom’s racist operations, the Republican National Committee has actually contracted with Rove to use his Jim Crow machine, DataTrust. Rove is straight-up, at least: I quote his line that the GOP can win swing states like North Carolina by “reducing black turnout by one-quarter of one.” He knows how to do it: he invented voter caging. RFK says for that, he “should be in jail.” But Bobby gets all upset about people committing felony violations of the Voting Rights Act.

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