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  • Laurie Rubin paints with the colors of music

    November 7, 2012

    Laurie Rubin, author of the new memoir, Do You Dream in Color?, was recently interviewed for the Los Angeles Times. Check out the full article here and a sneak peek below. 

    Mezzo-soprano Laurie Rubin dreams in vivid color — though she’s been blind since birth.

    Yellow? That’s the scent of ripe lemons and the warm sun glinting off her cheeks as a child in Encino. White is the crunch of snow and the feel of frothy shaving cream oozing between her fingers. Silver is the cool silkiness of chrome.

    And brown? That’s the sound of B-flat. It reminds the singer of chocolate.

    “I always joke that part of me can sense color from maybe having had a past life,” Rubin says. “When people say silver or purple, I understand what they’re saying.”

    Rubin’s new memoir, “Do You Dream in Color? Insights From a Girl Without Sight,” not only touches on her complex relationship with the color spectrum, it chronicles her against-all-odds rise from musical prodigy as a child in the San Fernando Valley to accomplished international opera singer.

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  • Ted Rall illustrates Republican “South California” proposed by Jeff Stone

    Ted Rall illustrates Republican “South California” proposed by Jeff Stone

    July 15, 2011

    Split California into two states? That's what Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone has proposed in hopes of creating "South California," a new state that would be founded on Republican principles. But, as Ted Rall suggests in his weekly cartoon, such a plan could backfire.

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