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  • J.R. Helton, author of Drugs, speaking at Austin Lit Crawl at the Texas Book Festival

    October 27, 2012

    Join J.R. Helton, author of Drugs, along with Tyler Stoddard Smith and Suzy Spencer at the Texas Book Festival Lit Crawl Austin on Saturday, October 27th at 8pm at Shangri-La at 1016 E. 6th Street.

    From Suzy Spencer’s revealing interviews with “sexual freaks,” to Tyler Stoddard Smith’s crass, witty history of prostitutes famous (Al Pacino?!) and not famous, and J.R. Helton’s account of a life as a functional and adventurous drug user, the Texas Book Festival invites adults to hear the honest, unflinching truth about America’s history and obsession with sex and drugs. 

    Moderator Neal Pollack is the author of several acclaimed books of fiction and nonfiction, including the bestselling memoirs Stretch and Alternadad, the cult classic Neal Pollack Anthology of American Literature, and the rock novel Never Mind the Pollacks

    To learn more about the event, check out the Texas Book Festival.

    “This guy Helton could be the next Bukowski.”—Terry Zwigoff, director of Crumb andGhost World


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