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  • Kids write letters to thank taxpayers for paying for their education – inspired by Brian Kahn’s Real Common Sense

    August 30, 2012

    Brian Kahn, author of “Real Common Sense” inspired a new project to teach school children about taxes and have them write letters to taxpayers thanking them for supporting their education.

    “It is a simple concept really, that we should all be grateful for the benefits we enjoy at the expense of other people, and that it is not unreasonable to make the effort to thank somebody for them. Yet the concept touches upon deeper concepts of the role of government in peoples lives and our connections to the communities in which we live.”

    “It’s a book expounding values to revitalize America,” Kahn said of “Real Common Sense.” “It occurred to me as I was thinking about public education, that when I was growing up I had no idea who was paying for my education. I took it for granted, and I think most kids take it for granted. So I suggested that twice a year, kids be asked in all public schools across the United States to open the phone book, pick a name and write a letter thanking a taxpayer for helping to pay for their education.”

    Read the entire article in The Great Falls Tribune.

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