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  • Sexuality & Gender Education: Where does it belong in school?

    February 27, 2013

    Ewert_10KDressesEveryday, children ages five to eighteen spend up to 8 hours in school. It is where they learn about math, history, reading, and writing, but it is also where children learn about social protocol and what it means to be a helpful, productive citizen of the US. As we find ourselves in the an age where issues of freedom of race, economy, religion, and sexuality are part of daily life and daily discussion, where does sexuality and gender identification fit in the school system?

    According to a report on, elementary school is no place to discuss gay activism, the new definition of family, or gender identity. In a program called CitizenLink Report, Candi Cushman, educational analyst, examines the educational practices in elementary schools surrounding what she calls “the promotion of homosexual themes and the deconstruction of the meaning of traditional family and marriages”. Cushman refers to books and training programs as being at fault for this misguided education American children are receiving.

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