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  • Ralph Nader: Avaricious Brilliance For Economic Disaster

    August 27, 2013

    Ralph Nader published his latest article on eurasiareview: news and analysis on August 24, 2013.

    Ralph Nader: Avaricious Brilliance For Economic Disaster

    Nader starts off his article discussing Larry Summers, Former President of Harvard University, Served as Director of the National Economic Council for  President Obama, and former Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton. Nader’s article is mocking the word brilliance as the US has used it while identifying people like Larry Summers. Nader shows why  brilliance is used contradictorily.

    Under the influence of Summers and others Nader associates the Recession of ’08, when over 8 million jobs were lost, the loss of billions of dollars due to a risky investment at Harvard, and sexist remarks demoting women, with Summers and his brilliance. 

    Nader says “Wall Street likes people labeled brilliant. It hides their greed.”

    His article goes on to discuss the issue of designating someone as brilliant and the then abundance of trust given to  the people label brilliant.

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